Malaysia my second home or MM2H is a program by Govt of Malaysia, to grant long term stay visa to eligible people form all around the world.

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MM2H Application Procedure

Step 1 – Pre-Submission (Applicant to mail the necessary documents and fees to us).

50% of agent’s fee

Step 2 - We submit completed application.

Step 3 - Conditional Approval letter is issued by the Immigration Department Malaysia. We inform applicant.

Step 4 - Applicant comes to Malaysia.


  1. Medical CheckM
  2. To open a Malaysian Bank Account and a fixed-deposit (if required).
  3. To purchase Medical Insurance

Step 5 - We submit remaining documents.


  1. Applicant collects VISA


  1. Remaining 50% of agent’s fee
  2. RM 450 for 5 years visa fee (RM90 x 5)
  3. RM 500 for “Journey Performed” - Visa fee if applicant is in Malaysia when approval is issued.

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